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get a “better than chrome” firefox with peers

The only feature that excited me about chrome was the iSuggest aware location bar (or omni-bar as google wishes to call) .. and firefox lovers ( me included ) can now enjoy better than isuggest search with peers. The peers addon makes suggestions and provides search results not just from Google, but Wikipedia, YouTube, Amazon,, IMDb, eBay and more, all on the fly. The reason why I used “better than iSuggest” is the highly intuitive keyword based suggest feature (refer screenshot – fm prefix to search – customizable), which chrome failed to put in (possibly because they (chrome guys) want all results routed through google) . I used peers with FF some years back..but this new version is just too good, and many many times better than chrome’s om’e’nibar ( the google way of life logging :D). Also, peers is light on memory (again beating chrome). Do try this and pour in your comments. Firefox is the best  – always

Peers homepage:

Firefox addon page:

searchbar rigged with peers - image

searchbar rigged with peers - image


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