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Yahoo! Inquisitor – Search assist for Firefox

I checked out firefox recommended addons recently and found the inquisitor. The inquisitor, a popular search assist tool built for the safari web browser was recently acquired by Yahoo..and now they’ve come up with similar tools for firefox and IE both in beta stages…I tried using and its working pretty good except for minor graphical flaws (maybe cos Im running it on ubuntu).

It provides the search assist function now present in google and yahoo right into FFs searchbar, taking you right to the website skipping the results page..

Heres the FF addon link


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An interview with Tim O’Reilly – Web 2.0 Expo – Berlin

A very informative interview on web 2.0 with Tim O’Reilly at the web 2.0 Expo Berlin. O’Reilly gives his views as to what is, whats not and what is thought of, as web 2.0.

Link to video

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orkut trends: Who sends scraps?

Posted by Ellen Spertus, Research Scientist and Torsten Nelson, Software Engineer

When orkut launched, we had no idea that scrapbooks would be the primary way members would interact. Billions of scraps later, we’ve learned that scraps are a huge hit, and have added ways to make them even more fun by enabling you to add videos, photos and HTML.

We’ve been wondering (and perhaps you have too): Which orkut users are scrappiest? In our recent sample, members from the island nation of Grenada had the highest scrap counts at an average of 1877 scraps. Of the biggest orkut nations, Pakistanis came in first, followed by Americans, Indians, and Brazilians. (All of these statistics are based on current scraps that have not been deleted by the recipients.)

Women receive just under half (48%) of all scraps. Women from the Cayman Islands receive the most, followed by those from the British Virgin Islands, Trinidad and Tobago, San Marino, and the Northern Mariana Islands. (What is it about those islanders?) Albanian women had the fewest scraps (81) — still a pretty substantial number when you think about it.

On the male side, islanders still rule: men from Grenada averaged a whopping 2569 scraps each. Here’s the full chart:

Country (gender)
Scraps received
Scraps received (women)
Scraps received (men)
Grenada 1877 557 2569
Cayman Islands 861 1093 715
Pakistan 758 717 779
United States 423 249 578
India 345 443 301
Brazil 267 272 263

Who’s sending these scraps? The scrappiest users hail from Pakistan, followed immediately by Madagascar and the Central African Republic. Among women, the most scraps come from Jamaica, then Madagascar, followed by the nation of St. Pierre and Miquelon. Among men, Pakistanis sent the most, then Qatar.

And what are people saying in scraps? Some messages occurred again and again. Out of a sample of 1,000,000 short scraps, the following were among the most common:

# of occurrences
hi 1131
oi [hi] 689
ok 298
parabens [congratulations] 273
. 187
hello 184
=] 146
vlw [thx] 135
^^ 133
blz [ok] 132
=) 124
🙂 117
[:p] 115
=D 115

Not only was the word “hi” common, it also appeared frequently followed by extra “i”s. For example, “hiiiiiiiii”, “hiiiiiiiiiiiii”, and “hiiiiiiiiiii” each occurred more than 90 times in our 1,000,000 scrap sample.

Until next time, our 46th most popular scrap: “bye”!

source: official orkut blog

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