FREE gmail sms notifications to any Indian mobile

to put it in a rss + freemyfeed + mytoday = free sms gmail notifications

rss, if u donno is short for really simple syndication (used for publishing frequently updated content through the www). many sites provide rss feeds …check out for top stories from ibn.

now getting back to this blog..

step 1. retrieving (rather unlocking) your gmail rss content


enter as the feed URL followed by ur gmail credentials

On submitting you should get a page with something like this on the bottom

copy the feed link

step 2. add the generated rss link to your mytoday subscriptions

this step should be easy if u have already registered on mytoday..if not, just visit this devil’s workshop blog on customizing your mytoday account

step 3. Get gnotified 😀

P.S. applicable for any locked rss content (not just gmail)


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  1. 1

    xyz said,

    dude, u forgot abt something known as privacy!!! its taking the world by its storm….lol..grow up!

  2. 2

    rajesh said,

    thanks for d idea
    is der any iddea for orkut lik this

  3. 3

    nb said,

    yes.. der is a way..and ders no feed unlocking necessary for orkut feeds..
    1. visit ..type in ur scrapbook url including the uid
    and the site will generate an xml feed for ur scrapbook
    2. subscribe to that feed through ur mytoday account and ur done

    ps. u need to make ur scrapbook viewing available to everyone(under orkut privacy settings) to get this working

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