y wordpress..

Im a google fanatic…and anything that google releases…i try it..but now..new additions to d google family are added jus like d space gmail provides (all getting added to that single poor google account)…its obviously difficult to manage all that google offers (if not..atleast 4 me)… ofcourse im not against all these services (most f them 4 FREE !!!)…its only that everything offered is worth using and the simplest to use…!! watever i said above is quite paradoxical..but simplicity is complex…and google is complex..
and coming to d title of dis blog..though blogger (google’s blog) is gr8…setting the perfect layout is aint dat easy..and d way u can tune up ur wordpress blog..is both bizarre and fascinating..take a look at dis WP theme.. command-line blogging (by Rod McFarland

..one of d many must-have themes) ..dats y wordpress


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