get a “better than chrome” firefox with peers

The only feature that excited me about chrome was the iSuggest aware location bar (or omni-bar as google wishes to call) .. and firefox lovers ( me included ) can now enjoy better than isuggest search with peers. The peers addon makes suggestions and provides search results not just from Google, but Wikipedia, YouTube, Amazon,, IMDb, eBay and more, all on the fly. The reason why I used “better than iSuggest” is the highly intuitive keyword based suggest feature (refer screenshot – fm prefix to search – customizable), which chrome failed to put in (possibly because they (chrome guys) want all results routed through google) . I used peers with FF some years back..but this new version is just too good, and many many times better than chrome’s om’e’nibar ( the google way of life logging :D). Also, peers is light on memory (again beating chrome). Do try this and pour in your comments. Firefox is the bestΒ  – always

Peers homepage:

Firefox addon page:

searchbar rigged with peers - image

searchbar rigged with peers - image


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Yahoo! Inquisitor – Search assist for Firefox

I checked out firefox recommended addons recently and found the inquisitor. The inquisitor, a popular search assist tool built for the safari web browser was recently acquired by Yahoo..and now they’ve come up with similar tools for firefox and IE both in beta stages…I tried using and its working pretty good except for minor graphical flaws (maybe cos Im running it on ubuntu).

It provides the search assist function now present in google and yahoo right into FFs searchbar, taking you right to the website skipping the results page..

Heres the FF addon link

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An interview with Tim O’Reilly – Web 2.0 Expo – Berlin

A very informative interview on web 2.0 with Tim O’Reilly at the web 2.0 Expo Berlin. O’Reilly gives his views as to what is, whats not and what is thought of, as web 2.0.

Link to video

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ubuntu beryl and windows aero

Well if you are someone who thinks…why is the hype always about open source stuff, I’ve got wonderful vista and I love watching all the transparent need to watch this video. I shouldnt say its the vista counterpart…as the aero model is nowhere close to what the beryl does..spare some time and watch the video… HAPPY FOSS πŸ™‚

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bumptop beta

For those of you who don’t know what the bumtop is..its a tool which modifies the windows desktop into a 3d environment complete with walls..where icons can be bumped on each other, nailed on the “walls” of the desktop, organised into piles, and more.

Anand Agarwala, an interface designer proposed this idea a year back in a ted talk. Thanks to this lifehacker post on bumptop, I came to know that bumptop’s been rolling out beta releases for the past few months..

I signed up for beta last week..and now im using it and loving it..mine is a vista 32 bit with just 1 gig of RAM..and this beauty of a thing doesnt hog a bit !! . Visit and sign up for a beta invite now.

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Grab your free Mozilla Certificate

You helped spread firefox for the third time go get a personalized certificate as an honor for your contribution to the Server Crashing World Record

here is wat i got πŸ˜€

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FREE gmail sms notifications to any Indian mobile

to put it in a rss + freemyfeed + mytoday = free sms gmail notifications

rss, if u donno is short for really simple syndication (used for publishing frequently updated content through the www). many sites provide rss feeds …check out for top stories from ibn.

now getting back to this blog..

step 1. retrieving (rather unlocking) your gmail rss content


enter as the feed URL followed by ur gmail credentials

On submitting you should get a page with something like this on the bottom

copy the feed link

step 2. add the generated rss link to your mytoday subscriptions

this step should be easy if u have already registered on mytoday..if not, just visit this devil’s workshop blog on customizing your mytoday account

step 3. Get gnotified πŸ˜€

P.S. applicable for any locked rss content (not just gmail)

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